Why Africa Business Consultants Trust?

We are a Business Development Company with collectively more than 55 years real handson experience in the African business environment.

Africa is still the future growth point of the Globe presenting real profitable business opportunities.

A new era has dawned on Africa with the Corona Virus Pandemic and the Trump administration’s changing foreign policy for Africa. We are prepared to face this new Global Challenge by staying abreast with the changing environment during this Pandemic, thus, avoiding potential devastating uninformed business decisions and pitfalls in developing solutions for our Global Clients.

This been said, one must always remember, Africa is not an easy business environment, especially with the daily changes developing to stop the Pandemic.

Failed Business Ventures

The Business battlefield of Africa is strewn with the remains of failed business ventures and destroyed partnerships, many of these failed ventures are Multi National and Global business giants which started these ventures based on incomplete, inaccurate and sometime bogus information.

Should the question be asked what the reasons for failure were, you will hear many amazing stories. This will include corrupt African Government officials, private individuals and bad banking systems.

What we offer our clients


With 55 years hands on real experience in Africa, we offer the Client real peace of mind that business ventures and investment opportunities which we source are well researched and have extremely good prognosis to succeed.

A wide business network

We have built a wide network of businesses Globally which enables us to source New Business Development opportunities for Governments, Companies and Individual investors who want to expand business or invest in Africa through an established business network.

High probability

We provide a verified business opportunity with the correct business and financial intelligence to enable the client to make the decision to go ahead with the venture.

Startup assistance

We assist in the start-up phase in Country, should the client require this.