About Us

Africa Business Consultants Trust is South African based with offices in Pretoria , South Africa and Hong Kong ; it was founded in 2002 by  William.Jack. Mutlow(Managing) and Leslie Forssman(Accountant). William is the Principal Consultant of the Group.

About the Principal and the Consulting  Group

William Mutlow was born in South Africa .Spent 17 years in the military, retires in 1994 as a Senior Officer, he then started a business career in Angola in the same year. He is currently still pursuing his passion for Business Development in Africa.

Subsequently other African Countries presented business opportunities over past 19 years which he perused; this  developed in a wide network of high level business contacts(in Government and Private) on the Continent, providing him with the experience and the foundation to be one of a few outstanding Business Development Consultants on the Africa Continent.

He is a Founder member of the South Africa Angolan Chamber of Commerce (SA-ACC)  in 2003.He is still an active serving Board member of the Chamber.

SA- ACC Link: www.sa-acc.co.za 


In the Group we have experts with hands-on African business environment experience which varies between nine and nineteen years.

All these individuals worked in Africa with the Principal on various projects and business ventures over past nineteen years in the following fields:

  • Mining
  • Financial
  • Engineering
  • Black top engineering
  • Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Telecommunications